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The ARCh Life Needs Trust



Are you looking to plan for a secure financial future for your child while protecting their SSI, Title 19 and other benefits?



The ARCh Life Needs Trust helps you set aside funds for your child’s future without jeopardizing their benefits.  And you don’t need to be wealthy to do so; families with a very broad range of incomes and net worth can easily establish a trust, which is typically set up through a will or life insurance policy.  A trust can also be funded through other assets including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate. 



ARCh serves as Advisor to the trust, ensuring for the long-term that parents’ wishes and the child’s needs are documented and respected.  ARCh staff can assist in setting up and facilitating a Personal Futures Plan process that brings together people who know and care about the individual with a disability, to determine their non-negotiable needs, and the supports that will be necessary for them to live safely and happily.



We collaborate with a network of attorneys and financial planners (some of whom have family members with disabilities) who provide expert professional assistance to families.




If you would like to learn more about the ARCh Life Needs Trust,

call (262-542-9811) or email ( us today!


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