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Kathleen A. Cepelka, Ph.D.

(Former Principal Catholic Memorial High School)

“Enthusiastically and unreservedly, I recommend the ARCh Youth Team to any group or organization seeking an in-depth, appealing, and powerful presentation on issues related to social awareness and responsibility.”

Leah Altman Bublitz

(Youth Team Alumna)

“It opened my eyes to different people that I was not exposed to every day at school. It gave me the chance to make new friends and create memories that would last a lifetime. I learned that hard work, responsibility, and having fun can go hand in hand. All of these things have helped me in my years in college and have continued to help me in my adventure in life.”

Melanie Bunda

(Youth Team Alumna)

“You shouldn’t tease people even if they are different.” - 3rd grader from presentation audience “I’ve learned to ‘practice what I preach,’ to not be a hypocrite. Without ARCh I would still just be the sympathetic bystander saying, “That’s too bad, it’s not my problem.” ARCh has taught me tolerance and patience through interaction with various people. Most of all, ARCh has given me purpose. Purpose to strive for what I know is right, and purpose to do anything.”

3rd grader from presentation audience

"You shoudn't tease people even if they are different."

Chris Bomberg

(Youth Team Member)

“It doesn’t matter how many friends you have... be proud of yourself.”

Dr. Joe A. Schroeder

(Former Superintendent, Elmbrook School District)

[ARCh Youth Team Members] have proven their maturity, responsibility, and difference making consistently over the years of my work with them... They filled our school with the consistent messages of respect for all that our students and staff need to hear and have reinforced on a regular basis.”

Mike Wolf

(Youth Team Alumnus)

“For the time I spend at ARCh, I get leadership skills that I could not get anywhere else as quickly or thoroughly. I learn to assume leadership, rather than waiting to be appointed. I learn to include every part of a group to accomplish each task in a meaningful way. I learn to lead by example, and follow through with what I say I will do.”

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