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Camp Counselors

Counselor Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide supervision for assigned campers at all times and at all areas of ARCh Camp Pow Wow.


Maintain a positive and accepting attitude towards campers, staff, and the whole ARCh Camp Pow Wow community.


Assist campers in completing all camp activities throughout the day.


Plan and implement daily free time activities.


Organize and maintain order of assigned campers and their belongings.


Assist campers as needed with personal cares (including toileting, diapering and feeding), requesting assistance from other staff when/as needed.


Assist in the setup and cleanup of camp area as needed.


Ensure safety for campers by maintaining constant vigilance. Maintain a safe camp environment by following appropriate protocol for any and all safety hazards, accidents, incidents, or other endangering circumstances.


Attend all staff training, staff meetings, Visitors’ Night, and camp closing.


Perform other duties as assigned.

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