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ARCh’s Advocacy program offers assistance for children with special needs, as they and their parents seek to navigate through the often-confusing special education system.  


Through information and assistance, Advocacy builds teams around children to support them as they pursue and achieve their educational dreams.  By focusing on the individual needs and abilities of each child served, ARCh works to insure that parents, medical personnel and educators understand the rights and responsibilities of all who are involved in making sure that each child’s voice is heard.  


Our Advocacy Program also addresses parents' concerns regarding the rights of adult children who have disabilities.


Advocacy Services include:


  • Provide information and referral to community agencies and services.


  • Critique Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and service plans


  • Attend evaluations, IEPs and other team meetings for children


  • Consult with families in their homes or at the ARCh office to

       answer questions and determine a plan of action


  • Teach advocacy and self-advocacy techniques


  • Assist with questions regarding housing, transportation, medical care, etc. 


  • Help families understand the complexities of the educational

       and adult service system


  • Attend residential, vocational and/or day program staffing for adults



  • Facilitate development of a Personal Futures Plan for an individual of any age.




About Educational Advocacy
The Advocacy program was developed in response to parents' requests for assistance regarding school-aged children and the special education process within the public schools. 


Our philosophy and approach to advocacy fosters the building of teams around children and adults with disabilities. Through collaboration and sharing of effective advocacy techniques, our goal is to provide support for each unique individual. We serve as independent advocates for the individual with a disability.




If you have any questions or need help navigating through your educational system, call the ARCh office and ask for our Advocate. 262-542-9811.

Or click here and complete the CONTACT US FORM.

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